Anytime, anywhere, there are always several professional interpreters to support your simultaneous interpretation needs


The pain points of your company's simultaneous interpretation needs

For companies that need simultaneous interpretation for long-term meetings, but not every day, the cost of recruiting a full-time simultaneous interpreter is very high (not feasible), and the cost and risk of temporarily finding an interpreter are also very high.

Interpreters aren't available

There are one or two co-operating interpreters, but often because of schedule issues, it is necessary to find an interpreter temporarily, which is very time-consuming.

Unprofessional interpreters

It was hard to find an available interpreter, but he was not familiar with our industry and company's business, and the translation quality could not be guaranteed.

Can't issue official invoice (Fapiao)

Sometimes I meet a good interpreter, but because the company needs an invoice, the translator can't provide it. The whole process is down and the communication cost is too high.

Efficient and professional solutions from Swift Horse Translation

There is no need to temporarily find interpreters, which not only consumes labor costs for enterprises, but also cannot guarantee the quality of interpretation.

Available interpreters anytime

Swift Horse Translation has 1800+ translators, including 100+ long-term cooperating simultaneous interpreters and consecutive interpreters. For your simultaneous interpretation needs, we can confirm available interpreters schedule within 2 hours.

Professional interpreters with your industry expertise

Arrange only a few fixed interpreters to meet your interpretation needs. These translators will have a good understanding of your company's business. Every time there is a need for simultaneous interpretation, we will confirm the schedule with these interpreters and arrange them first. If none is available, we can expand the interpreter pool for your company.


Our company can issue invoices, including normal invoices and special invoices, so you don't need to worry about this part.

Test Interpreters for Free

Still worried about interpreters’ quality?

If you need to take the proficiency test on the translator in person, we can arrange a free time for both you and the translator to conduct a free test.


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