Simultaneous interpretation services

We provide professional simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment to support your multilingual meetings, seminars, forums and other events with real-time interpretation.

simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is Applicable for

New product launches, press conferences, international large-scale conferences, foreign affairs activities, special lectures, forums, business negotiations, news media, training lectures, TV broadcasts, seminars etc.

About Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation, also known as “SI”, refers to a way of interpretation in which the interpreter interprets the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker’s speech. This method is suitable for large seminars and international conferences, and is usually performed by two to three interpreters in pair. For more information, please visit Wikipidia.


Swift Horse Translation provides interpreting services in most of the cities in China. When there is no availability of local interpreters, we will dispatch interpreters from other cities.


The interpreters of Swift Horse Translation have rich practical experience, and the industries or topics we have interpreted include but are not limited to the following

Why Swift Horse Translation?

Translation quality assurance

Translation: We only arrange professional certified translators for all translation projects. Most of them are graduates of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc., CATTI level 2 translator or above.

Interpretation: We will recommend the most suitable interpreters according to your specific needs, and provide you with resumes or audio materials, etc. so that you can have a deeper understanding of our interpreters' language level. All our translators are those with rich practical experience.

Flexible payment options

Translation: Our company provides free Chinese-English test translation (generally 200-300 words). For new customers, after the test translation is satisfied and new order placed, the translation fee shall be paid in full in advance. Old customers who have cooperated many times can pay within 7 days after the translation is confirmed.

Interpretation: After confirming the interpreters, 50% of the total order fee is required to be prepaid. For escort interpretation, the payment shall be cleared on the same day of service; for simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting, the payment shall be made within 15 days after service.

Alipay, WeChat pay, bank transfer accepted. We can issue normal invoice and special invoice.

Worry-free after-sales service

Translation: We offer free lifetime modification for our translation (if there's no change in original text)

Interpretation: Guaranteed to provide professional interpreting services at the appointed time. For cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, if the interpreter is unable to serve on time due to some reasons (such as illness), our company will arrange other interpreters and confirm with you as soon as possible before the service starts, so as to ensure our interpretation service.

Swift Horse Translation seeks to contribute to your global communication